Northel was founded in 1993 and started R&D works in order to develop wind turbine technologies as of 2003. Northel introduced the first wind turbine, 3 kW rated power for a radio link in Söke and further, realized more than 100 projects with similar rated power.

Northel developed wind turbine technology in Turkey with the industry background it formed between 1993 and 2015 and prepared the infrastructure of being able to reach MW powers.

By taking market requirements into consideration in 2016, Northel decided to produce wind turbines with MW powers. Accordingly, Northel has realized the new strategic business partnership.

The facility is active on 22.000 m2 outdoor area, 11.000 m2 indoor production area, 5.000 m2 outdoor storage area with crane, and 2.000 m2 office area in Gebze Organized Zone and Tuzla Orhanlı District.

Northel is active in Defence Industry & Security, Electricity Power Systems and Energy within the scope of its restructuring.

Defence Industry & Security

  • Electrical Vessels and other vehicles  
  • Energy Solutions in Defence Industry

Electricity Power Systems

  • Electrical Boats


  • Wind Turbines
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