1. To have 100% domestic Wind Turbine with MW power, which will convert 48.000 MW wind potential of Turkey into energy work as connected to grid in 2017. 
2. To present Wind Turbines with powers bigger than MW to licensed sector players in 2020. 
3. To form economical models of zero carbon alternatives not only in energy production but also in its use and to generalized them. To design and produce electrical engine vessels in this field. 
4. To enable us to be a country which exports technology especially to its near geography by its geographical location. 
5. To enable an effective sub-industry network to form with the use of domestic technology and supply chain. 
6. To reduce kWh unit price of Renewable Energy with a competitive technology and to provide a decrease in the payments to be made abroad in the supply of Energy production plants with foreign resource. 
7. To reduce carbon emission with wind turbine applications with different power in licensed and unlicensed market which Turkey needs. 
8. To increase the use of consumption-on-location-based wind turbine in order for companies which have transformed environment sensitivity into their institutional vision in especially unlicensed market to meet their own energies and to generalize awareness of wind turbine use before both private and official institutions. 
9. To enable sub-industry which will form due to use of 100% domestic technology and personnel which will be employed within the scope of jobs dependent to this to form. To present working environment/internship opportunities for the workforce who are qualified or who are getting qualified in the subject of Energy.  
10. To increase energy awareness by establishing Energy cooperatives and to establish Wind energy power Plants which will increase social welfare. 
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