Northel does not see innovation as only product/system development. Each innovative approach and project which can create added value in subjects economic, social and environmental subjects is an important starting point for Northel. It is targeted that innovation should create not only economic value but also social and environmental value. Northel knows that innovation can be developed by all working within the company not by a person or a unit and considers all ideas with the same sensitivity accordingly. 



Innovative ideas each employee puts forward are assessed and developed within the framework of common sense and are decided to be implemented. Common sense shows the importance Northel gives to sharing and forming team spirit. Each Norther employee knows that common sense delivers more productive results at the point of putting forward ideas which will create added value and does not refrain from sharing his own ideas accordingly. 


Renewable Energy Market and Systems with clean energy resource is a new sector in Turkey.  Therefore, knowledge deficiency of investors can be the point in question.  Northel has adopted sharing economic, environmental and social outputs that the projects, which it prepares, will produce, clearly and correctly with its investors as a principle. Each Northel employee knows very well that the important thing is not only selling projects but also enable each project he has sold to leave a permanent value and enable each of his projects to be an example project. 


For Northel, being competitive is by no means confronting rivals with speculative works.  For Northel, competition is to put forward innovations which will create added value. This added value may be in technological areas as well as social and economic areas. 


Northel employee knows the history of the company and hardships it has overcome very well. He is aware that these hardships have been overcome with a great ambition and patience and that the principle key of the success is working with great patience and ambition. Northel works by being aware that the works which will open a vision in Electricity Power Systems and renewable energy Markets which have just formed and ripened will be able to be put forward with only patience. 


Northel carries out its works also by being aware of environmental and social effect of economic values it put forward. It takes that added value it put forward is sustainable into consideration. At this point, it produces projects which will create social and environmental awareness. 

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